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Top 24 full-text papers of our conference are in Vol 66, issue 5 of Instruments and Experimental Techniques journal.


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May 24, 2023
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May 25, 2023
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May 26, 2023
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The Conference Schedule released!

Dear Colleagues! We have prepared the schedule of our conference. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the time of your report in the schedule, please contact us. The conference will take place in Business Center “Sergo”, 61, Monastyeskaya str. 3rd floor.


About ORMS

Optical Reflectometry, Metrology & Sensing is an international conference having the aim to discuss the latest fundamental achievements and applied developments in fiber optics and related fields: distributed fiber optic sensors; methods for sensing them by pulsed, continuous and complex signals; methods for recording and processing of backscatter signals; features of the application of reflectometry systems in the fields of science and technology, their use for high-precision metrology of optical fibers and cables; monitoring of fiber optic communication lines; theoretical aspects and backscattering modeling taking into account nonlinear effects in the optical fiber; quasi-distributed and other kinds of sensors and their application in bio and agri-biophotonics. The Conference is organized by the Photonics lab and the Lab of Agri-biophotonics of Perm Federal Research Center UB RAS and NTI Photonics Centre at PSU.


Program Committee

Gorshkov Boris Georgievich, Doc. of Eng., Leading Researcher (A.M. Prokhorov GPI RAS, Moscow) - Chairman
Kivilcim Yüksel, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Izmir Institute of Technology, (İzmir, Turkey)
Zinan Wang, Ph.D., Full Professor,  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, (Chengdu, China) 
Zhiyong Zhao, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China)
Ming Tang, Ph.D, Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China)
Weijun Tong, Ph.D, Adjunct Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China) 
Mohd Saiful Dzulkefly Zan, Ph.D., Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan (Malaysia)
Krishtop Victor Vladimirovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor at PNRPU and PSU (Perm)
Bourdine Anton Vladimirovich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, (GOI, Saint Petersburg)
Lobach Ivan Aleksandrovich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher (IAE SB RAS, Novosibirsk)
Belovolov Mikhail Ivanovich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher (FORC RAS, Moscow)
Shardakov Igor Nikolaevich, Doc. of Phys. and Maths, Professor (ICMM UB RAS, Perm)
Andrei Andreevich Zhirnov, Ph.D., Bauman MSTU (Moscow, Russia)
Konstantin Viktorovich Stepanov, Ph.D., Bauman MSTU (Moscow, Russia)
Ponomarev Roman Sergeevich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher (PFRC UB RAS, Perm)
Svintsov Anatoly Gennadevich, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief (Photon Express Journal, Moscow)
Dashkov Mikhail Viktorovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor (PSUTI, Samara)
Morozov Oleg Gennadievich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor (KNITU KAI)
Barkov Fedor Leonidovich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher (Photonics Laboratory PFRC UB RAS, Perm)
Konstantinov Yuri Alexandrovich, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Lab head (PFRC UB RAS, Perm) - Scientific Secretary, Conference founder


Conference Team

The 1st conference on Optical Reflectometry-2016 as well as the next ones took part in Perm Federal Research Center UB RAS. The Organizing committee is:
Plekhov Oleg Anatolyevich, Doctor of physics and mathematics, corresponding member of the RAS, acting Director of PFRC UB RAS, Perm
Baryakh Aleksander Abramovich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician of RAS (Director PFRC UB RAS, Perm), Head of Laboratory (MI UB RAS - branch of the PFRC UB RAS), head of 'Mountain Science' Scientific Direction
Matveenko Valery Pavlovich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician of RAS, Acting Director of ICMM UB RAS - branch of the PFRC UB RAS
Votinova Anastasia Grigorievna, Ph.D., General Scientific Secretary of PFRC UB RAS, Perm

Conference Sections *

Distributed and other fiber optic sensors

The use of reflectometry for metrology of optical fibers, cables and networks

New applications of reflectometry-based systems

Fiber-optic measurement and sensing systems in bio-photonics and agri-biophotonics.

* Please note that if your talk are out of these topics, but covers neighbor scientific fields, you may present it in "Related topics on photonics" Section if the Program Committee agrees.

Important Dates

2022, July, 4, Early bird registration start (Discounts available)
2022, August, 29, Registration and submission start
2023, January, 16, Submission deadline
2023, April, 28, Registration deadline
2023, May, 12, Participation charge payment deadline
2023, May, 24-26 (Conference)


Do you use non-trivial algorithms in your studies?

If you do, in addition to the proceedings in Instruments and Experimental Techniques, you can submit the extended paper to the special issue of Algorithms (by MDPI) called "Algorithms and Calculations in Fiber Optics and Photonics". Discounts and waivers are available. The submission deadline is: 15th of September, 2023.

Algorithms (ISSN 1999-4893; is an EI Compendex-, Scopus- ESCI (Web of Science)- DBLP Computer Science Bibliography (Universität Trier)-, and MathSciNet (American Mathematical Society)-indexed, open-access journal of computer science; theory; methods; and interdisciplinary applications, data and information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and automation and control systems, and is published online monthly by MDPI. The journal has received an increased CiteScore of 3.3, released by Scopus in June 2022, and ranks Q2 in "Computational Mathematics" in SCImago Journal Rank (SJR), and it will receive an Impact Factor from Web of Science in June 2023.


Conference papers

We are glad to inform you that the Conference papers will be published in Instruments and Experimental Techniques Scientific Journal (Q3 in 2021).
It is indexed in Web Of Science, Scopus and other bases. This is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes reviews describing advanced methods for physical measurements and techniques and original articles that present techniques for physical measurements, principles of operation, design, methods of application, and analysis of the operation of physical instruments used in all fields of experimental physics and when conducting measurements using physical methods and instruments in wide range of disciplines.
We recommend you to stay strongly within the Journal topics while preparing your Full Articles as well as the recommendations given below:

Paper size: within 15,000-20,000 symbols including spaces.
Other requirements should be learnt from the Journal's page.
All conference papers will be processed with the two-stage reviewing (ORMS Program Committee first, and then - the Journal's reviewers). This will help us to stay within the high-qulity standards of our Conference papers (NB! The papers will not be marked as 'proceedings', but will be equal to the full-text indexed manuscripts).  

Special Issue Info:

Rapid development of fiber optics and photonics technologies during last few decades has posed a number of computational challenges.
Even the simplest task of information transfer from one point to another requires complex simulation of radiation propagation in various media, including optical fibers and integrated optics elements, taking into account nonlinear effects and other aspects.
Fiber optics sensing always deals with huge amounts of data. Data visualization not to mention data analysis is based on sophisticated algorithms. Backscattering data mathematical processing not only affects sensors accuracy and sensitivity but also can extract information on individual physical quantities (temperature, deformation etc.) values. These algorithms are constantly being improved and optimized. The use of signal encoding techniques can improve sensor characteristics such as spatial resolution by orders of magnitude.
Big data analysis is faced by scientists involved in different fiber optic measurements. Raw data from devices obtained during the study or testing of various components are also subject to mandatory algorithmic processing. Also, artificial intelligence and machine learning methods are becoming increasingly popular. They are used quite effectively both in cooperation with traditional algorithms and as their alternative.

To be fare, the list of fiber optics applications, where algorithms are intensively and effectively used, is almost endless. We are pleased to announce the Special Issue of Algorithms journal called "Algorithms and Calculations in Fiber Optics and Photonics".

This special edition includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

1) Algorithms for the radiation propagation simulation in various media;
2) Algorithmic implementation of optoelectronic devices and their components models, as well as the phenomenon that takes place in them;
3) Fiber-optic sensors probe sequences coding and received signals decoding techniques;
4) Algorithms for visualizing backscatter data in optical fibers, cables and integrated-optics elements;
5) New algorithms and optimization of existing methods for signal processing in fiber-optic sensors;
6) Methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning in fiber optics and photonics;
7) Automated calculations in optical metrology;
8) Control algorithms for optoelectronic devices and systems;
9) Fiber-optic and integrated-optical elements manufacturing automation methods.


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